• “Life is the Adventure . . . ”

    –Robin Korth

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Robin-LaughLet’s be honest, open and brave!

Welcome to life. Welcome to the joy and the pain. Welcome to the laughter and the tears. Welcome to the whole full-out, wonderful adventure of what it means to be human. This is what I talk about, what I laugh about, what I soul-dance about.


We are beautiful, amazing and extraordinarily powerful creatures, we humans. The problem is that very few of us really know this or have a clue of how to claim this essence of who we are. Understanding the purpose of our lives and reaching for the adventure of it is what calls our souls awake and beckons our hearts towards the stars.


So, I invite you to come along with me for the ride. Listen to that inner part of you that says, “Yes!” and venture into life as I see it and know it to be. You will not be disappointed. For you will find yourself here within the ideas and mysteries, the ownings and the miracles of your own heart.


If you but dare . . .